Everything for your transformation project. Planning. Tracking. Reports. Without installation. Without IT investment. Always available online.

Transformation Projects

60% of all transformation projects fail. The problems are often the same.

  • Unclear goals
  • Too little time
  • A bunch of Excel lists
  • Inconsistent data
  • Abundance of meetings
  • Nonproductive consulting hours


Falcon addresses the root causes of problems and combines all the success factors for a successful transformation project in one place.

Clear project structure

Falcon provides a simple overview of project goals and progress. Problems and need for decisions are identified at a glance.

Single Point of Truth

With Falcon, all project content is available in one place and at the touch of a button. Falcon serves as a perfect basis for reporting and meetings of any kind.

At one table

Falcon offers each project participant specific added value - managers, project executors, controllers and also external parties such as consultants and financiers.


Falcon is ready for use with a few clicks. It is so intuitive that even software newcomers have no problem updating their progress- anytime, anywhere and always in real time.

At a glance

Track the progress of your projects in a simple overview and never lose track of your tasks and goals.

With one click to the project

With Falcon's project assistant you can access proven project setups - e.g. operating efficiency or working capital reduction. Structure and start your project within immediately.

Intuitive rights and roles

Customize Falcon to fit your corporate structure and define who gets which tasks and rights in your projects.

Time and effect tracking

Plan and track budgets and milestones in one place across all projects. Falcon aggregates your project status automatically. So you always know the state of your project - from the big picture down to the smallest detail.



Create as many projects as you like and structure them using drag'n'drop


Create new ideas and tasks with one click


Plan your individual budget and track it in real time


Set deadlines and never lose sight of them

My duties

See all your own tasks at a glance


Keep an eye on your project performance


Create clear responsibility with a simple click

User rights

Use drag'n'drop to define who can write and read in your projects


Keep information private


Invite new users simply by mail

Suggestion system

Transfer project participants' suggestions to the plan with a click

Traffic lights

Identify problems immediately


Stay up to date with mail notifications


Share your ideas and comments with your colleagues


You don't have to think of everything, Falcon sends you a reminder if you need one


Use Falcon's Excel interface for import and export


Manage multiple companies and clients simultaneously


Browse through your projects and keep interesting things in several tabs


Easily restore deleted content


Create status reports for your events and keep them in your project log


Plan and track your projects in any number of dimensions


Freeze your projects at any time and preperare them for your reports


Use proven templates to create new projects


Use Falcon in German or English language


Manage your activities agile with a simple Kanban system


Create differentiated analyses for your projects at the push of a button


Detect problems early and resolve them proactively

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