Tips to break up old meeting structures

Jona Prodöhl

Why do we always have the same boring meetings? We give you 6 tips to make meetings more interesting and at the same time strengthen the working atmosphere.

1. Special locations

Meet your team somewhere else.
Especially when it comes to creative solutions, a change of location is particularly good. Experiencing something new together also has a positive effect on the working atmosphere.

2. Fill in questionnaires

Let all participants fill out a questionnaire before the meeting. The results will then be discussed at the meeting. This form is especially useful if an honest opinion of the participants is important.

3. Workshops

A workshop is a good choice if the meeting should result in concrete measures. This method is particularly useful when dealing with a completely new topic.

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4. Stand up

The stand-up meeting is especially popular in startups. This makes everyone more alert and the meeting doesn't take unnecessarily long. This form is especially suitable for a short coordination with the team.

5. Add something cool

Give your employees the chance to discuss something different in the meeting. This often leads to new ideas for the operative area or for the corporate culture.

6. Collect ideas beforehand

Ask participants to think and collect ideas before the meeting. This allows everyone to think for themselves and not be influenced in one direction by others.


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