Creating the right corporate culture

Jona Prodöhl

The most important success factors of a company are satisfied employees and customers. It is the task of the executives to establish and exemplify a positive corporate culture, so that every employee is motivated to give everything and ultimately have satisfied customers as a result. Here we have put together 5 measures which can help you to make your employees happy.

1. Involve employees

Involve your employees in decision-making processes. In this way, you do not present your employees with faits accomplis, but give them the opportunity to actively participate in shaping the company. Develop strategies and solutions together or let your employees vote on different suggestions. This gives employees the chance to express doubts, criticism or approval.

2. Address problems openly

Create a framework to address problems openly. Many people are uncomfortable with openly addressing problems. That's why many things remain unspoken and accumulate until they explode. Encourage every employee to speak their mind.

3. Communicate values

The values and behaviour of the company should be communicated to every employee. It must be clear to everyone what behaviour is required towards the company, the workplace, colleagues and fellow human beings and that everyone represents the company. Leaders must always lead by example.

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4. Proper on-boarding

Train new employees well. Each new employee should be aware of the company's goals and their respective tasks. It is best to establish a link between tasks and company goals immediately, so that each employee knows what part he or she is contributing. Communicate the company's values and culture right from the start so that they can be preserved and lived by everyone.

5. Ensure respectful interaction

All employees must treat each other with respect. This includes that bullying is absolutely forbidden. Everyone must feel comfortable so that they can grow beyond themselves. Establish a respectful approach to the experience of older employees. For example, regular workshops should be held in which experienced employees pass on their knowledge to young people. This lays the foundation for gratitude and recognition in your company.


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