Delegation Poker: Delegate tasks

Mona Rudloff

Delegation Poker helps you gain a better understanding of delegating tasks, decisions and responsibilities. Different views can be uncovered and discussed.
This will result in a better understanding of each other's motivations or optimization possibilities.

How does that work?

Create a list of predefined cases or situations that you want to delegate. Each player then receives a deck of cards with delegation levels 1-7.

  1. A person selects a situation and presents it to the player.
  2. Each player selects one of the seven delegation cards face down and considers how he would personally delegate in the situation depicted.
  3. When all players have completed step 2, the cards are revealed
  4. Each player gets points according to the value on his card (Optional: exclude highest and/or lowest minorities Person who alone plays the highest / lowest value is excluded from the round)
  5. The highest and lowest cards must be declared by the respective players.
  6. Discussion round and decisions will be recorded on a board.

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Delegation levels


After I've decided, I'll let you know


I decide and convince you afterwards that this was the right thing to do


I decide, but first I ask you for your advice / opinion and include this input in my decision


We decide together, after we have discussed everything and found a consensus


You decide, but I offer you my opinion and my advice


You decide, and I'll find out what you've decided afterwards


You decide, and I don't need to know what you've decided


Delegation Poker is a helpful tool to optimize the collaboration with your employees. Learn to let go and delegate tasks. This is the only way you can create space and concentrate on your most important tasks as well as prevent micromanagement. Learn together in a team the optimal degree of delegation and watch how efficient the work can be.

Download the playing cards here


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