Efficient Meetings

Jona Prodöhl

You probably know this situation. You spend a considerable part of your working time in some meetings. We have collected 6 tips for you on how to make meetings more efficient.

1. No unnecessary meetings

A meeting should only take place when there is something concrete to discuss and not just because it is in the calendar. When it comes to exchanging information, a status report is often sufficient.

2. Clear goal

A meeting should always have a concrete goal and measures should result from it. Try to reduce hypotheses and planning. Create facts that can advance the project and be implemented.

3. Correct size

Coordinate tasks in individual meetings. Team meetings can also be a powerful tool for finding creative solutions or developing measures for a project.

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4. Select participant

Only invite persons who are affected by the facts or have decisive knowledge. Make sure that only people who make creative and constructive contributions participate.

5. Right time

If you have high expectations for the meeting, you should meet in the morning. With a low priority, the meeting should rather take place after lunch so that the participants can complete their important tasks beforehand.

6. Use tools

Find a suitable appointment with Doodle. With Mindmeister, topics can be elaborated with the help of mind maps. The resulting ideas can then be recorded with Twiddla on a virtual whiteboard.


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