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Dr. Jonas Steeger

Projects and project management are two sides of the same coin - if not the same. For years, we have been accompanying successful and less successful projects from the idea to the final implementation. In order to lead projects to success with more certainty, we developed Falcon - a web-based project management software. Reason enough to share our ideas and experience with you.

What's this all about?

This blog is dedicated to the topic of project management in companies. More precisely, it's about transformation projects. Their definition is a chapter in itself - and a rather boring one at the same time. Very briefly: This refers to projects that fundamentally change a company's business.

This is because companies usually do not follow a linear growth path, but go through sinusoidal economic cycles. Depending on the respective phase, different projects occur:

  • In a growth phase, this can include, for example, the acquisition and subsequent integration of another company.
  • When growth slows down, companies usually launch transformation or turnaround initiatives.
  • If declining growth is coupled with liquidity problems, this is referred to as restructuring projects. In many cases, this also includes the spin-off and sale of business units.

Statistic: Percentage of Fortune 500 companies with public blogs from 2010 to 2016 | Statista

We have a lot planned with this blog

More and more companies are running small or large blogs. So why another one? The goal of this blog is not a banal listing of projects and possible learning outcomes. Rather, it is intended to discuss fundamental and structural elements of projects and their management. How is the need for action identified? What are typical implementation difficulties and how do you get them under control? How can I measure results? What is agile project management and when does it make sense? What is Disruption and does it affect me? How can statistical methods support project management? How can data be introduced in a target-oriented way - and when does forecasting make sense? The big question is what can be automated and how does artificial intelligence work?

...and then there's Data Science.

We will also be dealing extensively with the topic of data science and the mechanisms behind artificial intelligence. Here at Nordantech, we are working hard to integrate the results of our extensive data science research into Falcon as forecasting features. These features turn Falcon from a simple project management software into a digital project assistant that independently suggests transformation measures and provides reliable forecasts. For this research and development we are even funded by the federal government!

In this blog we approach not only project management but also the big topic of artificial intelligence, machine learning and application-oriented processing of data sets. We spice one or the other treatise with essential techniques, recommend suitable tools for project managers and take a look into the future.

A lot to do. Let's start with the beginning of all projects: The shoe pinches. And what now?


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