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Committing to the top 10 websites is a big challenge for us. What we're talking about: We constantly find new good websites. However, some of them are always among the top 10 and we would like to share them with you in order to make your everyday life in the office and on your private computer easier. So below are our Top 10 in arbitrary order.

1. 10minutemail.com

How annoying it is when you have to register somewhere for some nonsense to get access - knowing that you are using it exactly once but will be registered to 372 newsletters. 10minutmail can help. The name says it already. You generate a mail that "lasts" ten minutes and is available in your browser. Register with the mail and confirm the registration in the browser. Done. After that the mail is absolutely gone.

Pro-Tipp: Most services do not check whether the mail address is still active when logging in. You can use the e-mail as your username.

2. Online-convert.com

The websites allow you to convert pretty much any file format to another in just a few steps. Classics like JPG to PNG or PDF, but also PDF in Ebook formats or passwords in hashes. It´s all completely free.

3. Wolframalpha.com

Wolframalpha is the Google for the results of complex calculations, because Wolframalpha is a computational engine - much more than a simple search engine. Unlike an ordinary search engine, the main goal is not to have the best possible search strategy, but to process facts into results. The best way to understand the possibilities behind it is to try it out. This is not easy the first time - and not easy to explain. To illustrate it: Look for "US men shoe size 12 in Japanese size" or "23 Snickers". Or even mathematical formulas like "(x) sin x".

4. Camelcamelcamel.com

Amazon.com has massive price fluctuations. CamelCamelCamel shows how much and gives information whether we are buying our extremely important purchase - for example, the shirt folding board we just ordered - at a high or low price. By the way, CamelCamelCamel can also do alerts. Although it works better with frequently purchased items (such as cameras or similar products), it is usually worth a try.

Pro-Tipp: Amazon.com usually works better than Amazon.de.

5. Deepl.com

DeepL is the best translation engine known to us. There is nothing more to say. German to English to Italian to Polish. All based on state-of-the-art AI algorithms. Incredibly good.

Pro-Tipp: If you don't like a translation, just click on the text to see an alternative.

6. Gethuman.com

The goal: talking to a human being on the phone. Anyone who has ever tried to get a human on the phone with a provider may have longed to go back to the 80s, when there were no unbelievably annoying telephone robots. "YES" .... "Mobile phone contract" ... "Zero One" ... "What? No, Zeeeerrooo, Oooooneee" ... That's why Gethuman collects information in a database that takes customers past the automated hotline. Unfortunately, this works even better in the USA at the moment - but the whole thing is a kind of citizens' movement and everyone can participate.

Pro-Tipp: Contribute.

7. lmgtfy.com

Let me google that for you. A classic - and necessary in office life. The page is too nice to anticipate the content here. We use it mostly when things are discussed long and wide, although simple Google can bring the answer immediately. That doesn't mean you shouldn't think. Questions like "When were the Punic Wars", however, used to be answered by going to the shelves and turning over seven kilos of Brockhaus instead of discussing for three hours.

Pro-Tipp: Try it out and send it to your favourite colleagues.

8. skiplagged.com

The site finds super strange flight connections, with the sole aim to be as cheap as possible. A flight from Hamburg to Stockholm, for example, can be cheaper if it is followed by a connecting flight to Warsaw - which you won't take.

Pro-Tipp: If you want to go to Warsaw, don't get off in Stockholm.

9. Hotelwifitest.com

Exactly what the name says. Which hotel has the best WLAN and what does it cost or not? Very pleasant.

10. Shodan.io

Okay, something for the techies. Shodan is a smart search engine of the Internet of Things. The website searches the Internet for publicly available devices: Webcams, printers and so on. It provides IP addresses and more. It is often misused. That's why it's able to help. For example, to uncover security gaps in companies.

Pro-Tipp: Simply search for your own company or name. If something is found, we recommend a call the IT department or a grab the plug. In the best case it doesn't matter - but in case of doubt not.

And what are your favourite websites? Maybe you have a hot tip for us that we should include in our rotation. Write to us on Twitter at @nordantech.

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