Partnership in corporate transformation

Jona Prodöhl

Our new partner comes focuses as an independent management consultancy on the central questions of medium-sized businesses and has successfully accompanied more than 900 projects in various industries since 2001.

René Labahn (comes) and Christian Kuhs (Nordantech) talking about upcoming projects.

Good advice is based on many building blocks. Therefore, comes offers tailor-made solutions from strategy to implementation. Their core competencies include the management of corporate crises as well as the design of sustainable corporate success. comes supports its clients far beyond analysis and conception. In this way, they ensure that innovative ideas are successfully implemented hand in hand with management.

comes itself takes advantage of the opportunities offered by digitalisation and is starting a cooperation with Nordantech with immediate effect.

Successful projects with Falcon

Nordantech has set itself the goal of facilitating the cooperation between management consultancies and clients in transformation projects. For this purpose we develop Falcon, an intelligent project management software. Falcon allows to coordinate and manage even complex projects through time-saving and clear features. Setup time is minimal and you can get started right away. Falcon creates clear responsibilities and a simple overview of the overall project, goals and progress. This saves our customers a lot of time and allows them to focus on their tasks. Consultancies such as comes also benefit in particular from the multi-client capability. With Falcon, all clients are always directly available at one place and with just a few mouse clicks in real time.

The short decision paths and agile working style make comes and Nordantech ideal partners.

"Falcon scored in our projects from the first minute with speed in setup and user friendliness. When it comes to tracking measures and implementing change and turnaround projects, our customers confirm that with Falcon we have a product that is ideally suited for decision-makers to achieve the desired success for the company," says René Labahn, Manager at comes.

"Business transformation is no easy feat. We appreciate the hands-on mentality and implementation strength of comes. Their years of experience in implementing measures combined with our solution results in a powerful mix," adds Christian Kuhs, co-founder of Nordantech.

Together we will innovatively meet the challenges of medium-sized businesses and successfully accompany comes clients through their transformation projects. We are looking forward to the upcoming projects with comes!


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