Smart Measure

Dr. Jonas Steeger

In order to increase the success of future transformation projects with the lessons learned from past projects, we at Nordantech are researching and developing Smart Measure. But what exactly is Smart Measure, why is it revolutionary and how does it really work?

"Smart Measure" can be based on company information:

  • assess the success of planned measures
  • independently plan promising transformation measures

A little AI.... it has to be a little bit

"Smart Measure" is an instance of artificial intelligence (AI) based on machine learning. This means that the AI is fed with data about measures, the result of which becomes known over time. The analyses are based directly and exclusively on internal project data. Since our specially developed algorithms only learn on the basis of our own project, they can only make statements on results learned directly from the project. The trick is that the statements become better and better over time. For example, Smart Measure can predict over time which To Dos are likely to be delayed - or will be finished earlier than planned. The analyses are particularly suitable for projects that are continuous or sequential. Projects in which similar packages of measures are repeatedly executed also provide a good basis for in-project analysis.

But we want even more. Smart Measure can also learn across projects. This is particularly interesting for consulting firms, investment companies, family offices and all other companies that accompany projects across several companies or divisions. For example, the Smart Measure could suggest improvement measures from one company to another. Sounds like the future? It is - almost. Because we are already testing the first Smart Measure forecasts with our partner customers today.

Is this really revolutionary?

Well, of course! No one else is bundling this analysis methodology and the project management tool in an intelligent, web-based application. We not only want your next transformation project to run successfully, but also the next but one to run even more successfully. In this way, companies of all sizes are to be stabilised in the long term and jobs secured. That's why we give everything!


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