Startup Culture

Jona Prodöhl

Due to their structures, startups can react quickly and try out many things. Some approaches can also be used in the classic corporate environment. We have compiled 6 tips to make your company more productive and increase employee satisfaction.

Startup culture

1. Project startups

Assemble small project teams that act freely and like startups. This is the best way to integrate the possibilities of a startup into a corporate group. The necessary resources are provided and maintained by the company when the milestones are met. At the end of the project, the developed solution can even lead to a spin-off.

2nd freedom of action

Give your employees the freedom to make their own decisions and optimize processes. This increases the motivation of the employees and you have time for other things again. You will be surprised what your employees can achieve if they are no longer held back by barriers.

3. Recreational opportunity

Do not regard your employees as machines that can consistently deliver top performance. Pay attention to health and create recreational opportunities for your employees. Even a small break in recovery provides new energy to complete tasks better and faster.

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4. Fun factor

Make sure that your employees have fun at work. This makes the work perceived as something positive and increases the commitment of the employees. Regular team events or the classic table tennis table and football table increase the fun factor significantly and promote the cohesion of the employees.

5. Agility

Create structures that allow you to make decisions more quickly and adapt to new situations. Flat hierarchies and decision paths help you to do this. Try to improve the processes iteratively and give your employees feedback on a regular basis.

6. Innovative working

Keep your technology and tools up to date. This allows you to benefit from innovations and reduce security risks and failures. Collect as much data as possible and make decisions based on analysis. Try to automate recurring processes with software to save resources.


There are many ways for companies to benefit from the start-up approaches. Select feasible approaches from our tips and try to implement them in your company. We wish you every success!


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