Project trends at management consultancies

Dr. Jonas Steeger

Many of our clients are consultants. They use Falcon to plan, track and report their projects to their clients. We know which projects are currently in vogue - there are clear focus topics! Almost always it's about digitalisation. But not every client can simply get started. The economic realities often force to savings and less to investments. This makes the long-term story even more important - and Falcon can help.

Many consultants use Falcon

Many of our clients are consultants. They use Falcon to plan, track and report their projects to their clients. The multi-client capability helps the consultants to do this. This way, any number of companies can be supported simultaneously with Falcon.

And why clients also like Falcon

But it also helps the client. Because even if the consultant is no longer on site every day or even the project support is completely finished, the project can continue in the familiar structure with Falcon.

Digitalisation as a driver of (almost) every project

Of course we don't see in detail what is happening in the projects - unless we are enabled to do so by the support team. However, we already know what kind of projects are currently in progress. Our observations are almost one-to-one with the following diagram:

Infografik: Die Trend-Themen der Berater | Statista

The big topic is digitalisation. Digitalisation is at least part of almost every project in Falcon. Artificial intelligence and the right personnel strategy go hand in hand. And smart technologies, cyber security and the appropriate analysis infrastructure are also children of digitalisation.

The ones with the most pressure, digitalize the least

But perhaps the trigger for project setting is even more prevalent than the goal of digitization... What do we mean by that? Companies in trouble have great pressure for change - but usually little time and limited access to fresh money.

But especially these resources are needed to rethink business models and processes from the ground up. It is a vicious circle that is only reinforced by the understandable demands of shareholders and financiers.

By the way... The industries that we increasingly encounter in this situation are retailers of all kinds and increasingly automotive suppliers.

Escaping the vicious circle

Do what, then? Quick Wins (which almost always run in the cost cutting area) are nice and good. And then digitalisation... but stakeholders must be able to believe in the long-term strategy and the medium-term plan.

Falcon can help! Because with Falcon, you can pursue long-term plans bit by bit and decent rally across the entire company. The project status is always clear and available at the push of a button. That alone creates trust. Would you like to try it out?


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