Project Management of the Future

Dr. Jonas Steeger

Project management is still largely static. There are no automated processes how the laboriously developed project know-how can flow into the next transformation initiative and thus increase the chances of success. This is where we start at Nordantech: As a digital project assistant, our Falcon software revolutionizes the planning and implementation of transformation projects. Why is this so valuable?

Every project manager knows this problem: even in the biggest and most complicated project you know how to help yourself with different software solutions. Excel makes it possible to quickly structure budgets and project steps, the ERP system makes resource planning easier for the brave and Doodle the scheduling of countless meetings. As soon as the transformation project has been completed, however, many of those involved are back on track. The consulting team devotes itself, possibly even in a completely new constellation, to a new project, managers plan new strategy packages and the employees of the restructured company return to day-to-day business. The valuable project know-how about the results of individual measures may be used as a gut feeling in the next transformation initiative, but it is largely lost.

We plan the automatic project handover with Falcon

Falcon not only simplifies ongoing project work by centralizing all information, but also consolidates knowledge about the results of each package of measures. Thus, the information is not lost when the work of the consulting company is over or new employees take on key roles in the company, but remains available to the company for planning the next projects. In the future, Falcon will use the company data to independently propose promising measures that can be included in the project plan by the project manager. On the other hand, Falcon will assess whether a planned measure will lead to success or not. We call this capability "Smart Measure" and have successfully tested it in initial pilot projects.

With Smart Measure, Falcon will learn from you in the future. Falcon detects delays early and displays them. Falcon also learns to recognize budget overruns and draws your attention to them as quickly as possible.

You can read here how Smart Measure works and why it is driving a revolution.


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