Checklist for a smooth start into the new project

Getting started with project management: But where do I actually start? This checklist helps you to answer all important questions at the beginning of a new project.

This checklist will tell you if you are ready to start your new project. In the first four parts of our Getting Started in Project Management series (see below), you will find out which phases each project goes through and what needs to be considered in each phase.


  1. Does my project have a clearly defined beginning and end?
  2. Is my project separated from day-to-day business?
  3. Is it a problem that needs to be solved or a product that needs to be developed?
  4. Who is the project manager?
  5. Have we defined an understandable and measurable goal?
  6. What is the project structure and who is responsible for it?
  7. What is the time frame and the budget?
  8. Did I involve all participants in the initial planning?
  9. Detailed planning: What measures are planned and what is the time structure of my measures and their activities?
  10. What resources do we need for the project (financial, personnel, equipment, external service providers)?
  11. Is the planned project expenditure affordable in addition to day-to-day business?
  12. Are the catalogue of measures and activities coordinated with all key persons?
  13. Do the catalogue of measures and activities fit the objectives, time frame and budget?
  14. Have we decided on a project management method or a benchmarking system and why?
  15. What is our project cycle (e.g. monthly)?
  16. Do we work with Degrees of Implementation?
  17. Do we need a PMO and if not, why not?