Project Kick Off Event

Jona Prodöhl

The project kick off is about the successful start of a new project. We recommend a kick-off event with all stakeholders to ensure a smooth start of the project.
Before you set a date for the event you should make sure that you are ready for it.

Project kick off event

Create a framework in which you can carry out the kick-off event in a structured manner. Only the persons and stakeholders involved in the project will be invited as participants. This prevents the event from becoming unnecessarily complicated and prevents people from taking part who have other tasks to do.
Start the event with a brief look at the agenda so that everyone knows what to expect.

Project Management with Falcon

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  1. Project overview
    Explain to all the participants what the project is about and what the goals are. In particular, address the relevance for the company and how this will move the company forward. 5 to 10 minutes should be enough.
  2. Stakeholders
    Introduce the different interest groups and explain which part they take in the project. If external people are present, they can introduce themselves briefly.
  3. Discuss tasks
    Discuss the individual areas of responsibility and who takes them over. How many project teams are there? What are they responsible for? Who takes the lead? Each project team should hold a separate kick-off meeting in which the goals for the area as well as concrete tasks and distribution are discussed.
  4. Answer questions
    At this point there is room for questions from the participants. Has everything really become clear or are there still uncertainties? The questions of the participants will show you whether everyone is ready. At this point there should be no more questions regarding the purpose of the project. Questions about tasks should be discussed with the team leaders.
  5. Conclusion
    Close the event and express your absolute trust. Motivate everyone by addressing past successes and expressing your conviction that this project is challenging but achievable as long as everyone holds together.

Project launch

Now nothing stands in the way of starting the project. The exciting time of implementation begins, in which everyone has to work together. Your tasks now are the monitoring of the project and the early detection of problems.

That's exactly why we developed Falcon. Thanks to the clarity of Falcon you can always keep an eye on everything and see where problems could occur. Try Falcon now for free for 30 days.


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