Project Management Tips

Jule Meyer

In a previous article we have already described various strategies for successful project management and their application. But the shorter the distance to the final deadline, the higher the pressure. During this time, practical tips can significantly reduce working time, the most effective ones we present here.


Good communication is extremely important for project management. Only by working and communicating transparently can they really ensure that everyone has understood the tasks correctly. Therefore, try to stay in touch with your competitors. But also feedback should be given already at the beginning of the work phase constant part of the, only so you can prevent problems. Don't assume that work instructions will be understood right away, but ask if there are any open questions. You should also take a look at our Falcon product for clear and well-structured work planning.

Shrink it down

Reduce large and complex tasks to smaller units. This can help you to better manage and divide individual work steps. It also leads to an increased sense of productivity and avoids frustration about never-ending tasks.

Postponing is not a solution either

Finish complicated tasks first so that complex issues do not arise when you run out of time. Postponing difficult tasks has rarely led to fewer problems and usually ends in chaotic situations.

Fudge factor

The biggest difficulty in project planning is reacting to things you can't plan. Pay attention to such possibilities and plan extra time. In these time windows you can take care of everything that has accumulated throughout the day. In addition, a risk management strategy can be created in advance, which you can fall back on when a crisis has arisen.

Keep the big picture in mind

Do not be distracted or distracted by small topics. It is important to always keep an eye on the final goal in order to prevent the project from developing in a different direction than planned. Weekly evaluations of the work process and new milestones can help.

Personal evaluation

Also pay attention to personal weaknesses that have already occurred in previous projects. Write them down to find preventive tactics. Other aspects such as the team's stress management skills can be reduced by a number of measures, such as daily stand-up meetings. Ask yourself what caused the delays last week and find the problems behind them.

You got mail

Since mails can take a lot of time, good processing strategies can help at work. The most efficient way is to set precise timeframes within which you can strategically process emails. It is best to open each mail only once and answer all open questions directly. Unnecessary mail subscriptions should be deleted in order to reduce the number of incoming mails. Avoid meaningless thank you emails or simple confirmations. In addition, the use of standardized replies can also reduce time.

Implementing projects successfully with Falcon

The Falcon project management software developed by us was specially developed for the implementation of strategy projects. With intelligent tools and smart functions, the software facilitates planning, progress control and reporting in an intuitive way. This saves all participants valuable time and allows them to concentrate on their tasks. With Falcon, each member gets a simple overview of the overall project, goals and progress.

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