Alternative to the project workshop: Canvas!

Dr. Jonas Steeger

Every beginning is difficult and there are not always consultants and Co. to start the project structured. A good method to get started is business model canvasing. The system often used for startups can be thrown at almost any business problem. We will show you how!

BMC using the example Uber

What is BMC intended for?

The Business Model Canvas is actually a method to visualize the business model of a company and to test if it makes sense. Entrepreneurs often use the method in addition to the classic business plan. But the methodology can also give projects the necessary momentum. Because it helps to create a uniform understanding of the project goal, the main drivers and stakeholders. The method is now so widely accepted that even the BMWi advises Canvas.

This short video will show you what you need to know about BMC.

(youtube: )

BMC also works for projects!

The idea behind BMC is quite simple: the most important questions of a new enterprise should be answered briefly and concisely. You can also use the same procedure for your projects. Try to answer the following questions regarding your project in a few keywords.

  1. Who can be a partner?
  2. What are the most important activities to put the project into practice?
  3. What are the benefits for the customers/your company if the project is successful?
  4. How can the potential customers/colleagues be won and retained?
  5. What is the customer/stakeholder target group?
  6. Which resources are indispensable?
  7. What is the best channel for informing/involving stakeholders about the project?
  8. What are the most important measures for the project?
  9. What is the yield of the project and how does it come about?
  10. What are the costs of the project and how do they come about?
  11. What skills, including social skills, are required for the project?
  12. What should the project stand for? What are the values?

You can easily record your answers in the actual canvas. The structure shown above using Uber as an example has established itself as the standard. In fact, some of our customers have included a project canvas as the start slide of their project reporting. You don't have to go that far. But it is fun to model a project with the BMC before starting. Why don't you give it a try? We hope you enjoy it!


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