Projectmanagement 101

Before we can focus on other topics, we want to give a brief introduction to Project Management (PM) from our experience. In our five-part series, we explain what a project defines as such and highlight the four phases that every successful project goes through. In addition, we describe meaningful goal definitions, which phases exist and give you a checklist, which simplifies the start into every project.

If we had built the Alexandria Library today, it probably would have been half filled with PM-Guides. Hence, we don't want to write a dust-dry and boring theoretical paper on the subject, but concentrate on the most important questions a project manager faces. Where do you start and how do you proceed? What needs to be considered? What should be the focus of the different project phases? These are the questions we are addressing today.

The most decisive factor of a project: the end

We dissected the beautiful project management into four fictitious phases. This is only possible for one, but essential reason. Projects have a beginning and an end. Everything else is day-to-day business. An example: A company that manufactures drive components on an assembly line certainly counts production as part of its day-to-day business. But when a new component is developed, it is usually a project that runs alongside day-to-day business.

Hybrid companies, where projects determine the day-to-day business, are e.g. consulting firms or private equity companies. It sounds trivial, but it is important: Projects have a clearly definable beginning and an equally clearly definable end - because this means that projects also have a clear goal - even if the goal itself, for example for a new strategy package, is called "goal definition".
One thing in advance: our four phases are not about the day-to-day of the project. Methods such as Scrum or Agile are not yet presented in detail here, but we will shed light on the place of agile methods in project management. After all, it's all about the entire and rough plan of a project - the "big picture".
Let´s go!

Series overview

  1. Series overview
  2. Project Management 101
  3. Phase 1 & 2 of a successful project management
  4. Degrees of Implementation and agile methods
  5. Checklist for a smooth start into the new project