What is a project?

Jona Prodöhl

Do you know what a project is? We explain it to you and give concrete examples of projects.

A brief definition

A project is a unique undertaking that can be broken down into individual tasks. The planning, allocation and monitoring of these tasks takes place within the framework of Project Management. Projects should ensure the long-term success of the company and always have a beginning and an end. Everything else is day-to-day business.

For a company that manufactures drive components on an assembly line, production is certainly part of day-to-day business. But when a new component is developed, it is usually a project that runs alongside day-to-day business.

Project business as day-to-day business?

Hybrid companies, where projects determine the day-to-day business, are e.g. consulting firms or private equity companies. Their daily business is projects... but these are still projects. They are limited in time and have a clear goal.

It sounds trivial, but it is important: Projects have a clearly definable beginning and an equally clearly definable end - because this means that projects also have a clear goal - even if the goal itself, for example for a new strategy package, is called "goal definition".

Project management with Falcon

We develop the project management software Falcon, which helps you to implement your project. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on your tasks.
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Project examples

Projects are used, for example, to adapt to changes in markets. As a rule, the structures of the company are revised in order to save resources or to put a new focus on individual areas in the company.

Examples of this are:

  • Creating liquidity by reducing working capital
  • The increase in sales in the old as well as in the new business
  • Increase results by streamlining the organization
  • Integration of acquired/merged entities
    Falcon can help you enormously with all these projects.

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