Multi-Project Management: You should use a software

Jona Prodöhl

Multi-project management is simply the control of several projects at the same time. The difficulty is not to understand a complicated term, but only in the execution. Managing several projects at the same time is anything but trivial. We explain what matters and how project management software can make your life much easier.

Multi-Project Management

Good organization is the key

Many projects fail mainly due to poor organization. As the number of parallel projects increases, so do the problems faced by management.

Frequent problems are:

  • Permanent change of plans
  • Resource conflicts
  • Cost increases
  • Quality variations
  • Little comparability between projects
  • Permanent reporting to various stakeholders

To ensure that this does not happen to you, we have collected a few basic tips.

Structure projects

Every project needs a clear structure and good documentation, which is regularly and extensively maintained by the project participants. The project structure should divide the project into meaningful parts with individual tasks. In addition, each project participant must be aware of his or her own tasks and the respective deadlines. We will show you here. How you can optimally structure packages.

Track all project activities

Track all project activities on a regular basis. The best way to do this is to assign them at the level of the individual project parts and aggregate them up to the overall project. Because even if each project for itself perhaps only causes little work... some more projects add up fast.

Avoid chaos

All information about the project should be in one place, so that it does not have to be collected laboriously. Old files should be stored in an archive folder. This will show the latest version and reduce the risk of chaos.

Overview of all projects

It is important that you have a quick overview of the project and its progress. The best way to do this is to use a central dashboard where important information from the projects flows together.

Setting the standard for projects

Try to create a standard for all projects. This simplifies the workload and allows comparability between projects. Reporting also becomes much easier. Not only for you - also for the reader. This makes it easy to compare different projects.

Reduce communication effort

In case of several projects at the same time, you have to manage your time well and keep the communication with the project participants efficient.

Tip: Request a status report from the participants on a regular basis. This allows problems to be identified early on.

Manage projects with PM software

Be sure to use software to implement and manage your projects. This saves you a lot of time and allows you to concentrate on your tasks. Don't make the mistake of managing projects with Excel. We know from experience that chaos is big and projects fail because of it.

Multi-project management with Falcon

The Falcon project management software developed by us is perfect for managing several projects simultaneously. Falcon creates clear responsibilities and a simple overview of the overall project, goals and progress. You have all the information in one place and can access it from anywhere.
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