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Jona Prodöhl

You probably know it, project work is usually anything but easy. The projects themselves are complex enough. In addition, there is a whole series of challenges that you will face:

  • High expectations
  • Time pressure- Scarce resources
  • Unmotivated employees

...and these are just a few superficial problems. If this seems familiar to you, then you should definitely continue reading!

Project management software can help with planning and implementation

To ensure that the project is successful and not thrown off track by problems that only arise during implementation, every project needs solid planning with a clear structure. Project management software helps managers, project managers and team members to plan and implement the project. Of course, you can also manage projects without software. However, as soon as it comes to the implementation of a demanding project with many participants, we recommend the use of PM software.


A software helps to give the project a structure and to divide it into parts that can be processed one after the other. These subtasks can be assigned to individual persons who are responsible. Thus, responsibilities are clear and there is no neglect of tasks due to group dynamics.


If you want to get an overview of the project, you can look directly in the PM software and do not have to collect all the information first. This saves a lot of time and you can make better decisions.

Eliminate chaos

The risk of chaos is particularly high with large projects involving several parties. Software helps to determine who does what and when. This prevents employees from duplicating tasks. The documentation of the project can also sink into chaos very quickly. Files with different statuses that are processed by participants are one of the most dangerous. With software, all entries are stored centrally in a database. This means that the current project status can be viewed at any time.

Where Falcon can help

We develop the project management software Falcon ourselves. With Falcon we support you especially in strategic projects. Current and completed projects in Falcon include restructuring, transformation, post merger integration, turnaround, change and digitization. Test Falcon now for 30 days free.

Falcon helps you with a lot of things. Interested in an overview?

Working at the same time

All participants can work on the project in Falcon at the same time and do not have to wait as long as other project participants edit individual documents.

Recognize problems

The clear structure and the visualization of the project progress make it possible to recognize problems in Falcon in time.

Differentiated rights structure

Thanks to a differentiated permission structure, Falcon is ideal if different stakeholders are involved in the project.

Financial Effects Tracking

Especially when credit institutions are involved, a tracking of financial effects is required. With Falcon this is possible without any problem, in an individual and project-specific structure.

Multi project management

Even the control of several projects at the same time is no problem with Falcon. Here learn more about multiproject management with Falcon.

Take your project management to the next level now!

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