Business transformation

Jule Meyer

Markets and customers are constantly changing variables. To continue to be successful, companies must keep pace with these changes. In order for your change projects to be successful, it is important that you establish the necessary structures in good time. In this article you will learn what you need to pay attention to.

Building structures that enable change

Successful change and transformation depend above all on two aspects:

  • Need for change
  • Opportunities for change.

Need for change

You can identify the need for change through regular analysis of important indicators from the internal and external corporate environment.

Change opportunity

It is necessary for the possibility of change that your company structure promotes a transformation process and does not stand in the way of it. You can find out how beneficial your corporate structure is with the following questions:

  1. does stress usually outweigh the benefits of a planned project?
  2. is innovative thinking hardly present in the company?
  3. is more time spent discussing than doing?

If the answer to all these questions is yes, then there is only a limited opportunity for change in your company. Current work structures hamper transformation to the extent that they generate more costs than benefits. Visionaries are dying out because nobody has the time, effort or motivation to carry out such a complicated transformation. However, change is not completely impossible. If the planned change leads to more problems than currently exist, the working methods of the company must be questioned.

Risks due to mismanagement

Inefficient ways of working can lead to high costs for the company. On the one hand, short-term costs associated with the project, such as project delays, missed milestones, budget overruns or budget cuts. In the long run, however, these risks become even more serious as they can result in the loss of employees, suppliers and customers. But there can also be image degradation, poor work quality, stopped bank loans, stress, confusion or fatigue among employees. It is therefore a highly risky decision to rely on inefficient project management work structures. In other words, the decision to use advanced planning tools for project planning is a simple one.

Change leadership as a means to success

For changes to be successfully implemented, there must be clear communication, a transparent distribution of tasks and a common understanding of the project. All these aspects are missing in the working structure, which is described by the above mentioned questions. Change leadership aims to reduce the natural resistance of employees to change and to increase general acceptance. While "change management" is the technical adaptation of changes, change leadership refers to the human aspects. Good change management occurs when managers proactively prepare their employees for upcoming changes. Successful change is only possible if workflows are efficient.

Implementing change with Falcon

The Falcon project management software developed by us plays just as important a role in successful changes as good change leadership. Falcon was developed especially for the planning and implementation of demanding transformation projects and helps you to make your workflows more efficient. With intelligent tools and smart functions, the software intuitively facilitates planning, progress control and reporting. In addition, Falcon simplifies communication within the project and helps to avoid communication errors. Your employees can concentrate on upcoming tasks and work with motivation and energy on new projects.

Successful changes can only take place if all important information is accessible to all participants. With Falcon, each member gets a simple overview of the overall project, goals and progress. A common understanding of the project helps to smooth the process and encourages innovative thinking among employees. The combination of Change Leadership and Falcon saves time, money and energy, which can then be invested in more important tasks and ultimately leads to successful change.

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