Data security: the growing threat to companies

The threats to data security in organizations are increasing daily. In this article, we will take a closer look at why these threats have become so prominent and how companies can protect themselves to secure their data, reputation and future and how we at Nordantech implement and prioritize security in Falcon.

The world of data technology has developed rapidly over the past few years, offering companies incredible opportunities to increase their efficiency and productivity. However, these technological advances also have a downside - the increasing risk of cyber-attacks, external threats and security breaches, especially with regard to companies' sensitive information. More and more German companies are facing the devastating consequences of IT security breaches, which can result not only in financial losses but also the loss of trust and reputation from customers, financiers, suppliers and employees. In this article, we will shed light on the increasing threat to data security in German companies and show you the extent to which the protection of your data is taken into account in developing our software Falcon.

A survey conducted by the German TÜV association in 2023 reveals alarming figures - almost one in ten companies in Germany experienced an IT security incident last year. These incidents ranged from cyber attacks and sabotage to hardware theft: Around 50,000 companies were affected. The fact that phishing attacks were the most common method used to attack companies is particularly worrying. In 62 per cent of cases, these attacks were successful, and the attackers gained access to confidential information. Other studies on the subject of IT security confirm the threat situation. A German study by Statista CGData and Brandeins from 2022 showed that 53% of German SMEs were among the companies whose data could be found on the darknet and that ransomware causes 24.3 billion euros in damage per year for German companies. Even large and well-known companies have not been immune to the effects of these growing threats. We look at current examples, starting with the German Rheinmetall group, through the Rheinische Post media group to various municipal administrations, universities and hospitals. Companies as well as the public sector - the attackers stop at nothing and nobody, and the methods and measures are becoming smarter every time. Employees should be well informed in this regard and the topic of data security should be regularly considered on the management agenda. The figures and worst-case scenarios in the area of security make you sit up and take notice and underline how important it is for companies and their employees to address the issue of data security and define internal protection goals and measures.

IT security and data protection at Nordantech Falcon

For this reason, the protection of personal data and company information is an extremely important concern for our customers. Our software team works hard in the background every day to keep your data safe, secure and private. Data protection and data security are very important to us!
In the following, we will introduce you to some of the security features that Falcon offers to ensure the security of your data:

Our software Falcon: A global encryption solution

The security of your data is Falcon's top priority. We rely on robust encryption both in hibernation and in transit to ensure that your information is optimally protected all the time.

Encryption at rest

All data stored in Falcon is subject to strong AES-256 encryption. This applies to all types of confidential data, including first and last names, e-mail addresses, activities and measures. Encryption management is managed exclusively by Nordantech to ensure the highest security standards and to meet our own security objectives. In addition, all encrypted values are signed with a Message Authentication Code (HMAC-SHA-256), ensuring that the integrity of the data cannot be compromised or tampered with even after encryption.

Encryption in transit

Falcon uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques to ensure the secure transit of your data. We use TLS 1.3 protocols, AES-256 encryption and SHA-256 signatures to protect data traffic during the transit. Encryption is exchanged using RSA-2048 encryption to ensure maximum security. Our email transit is also encrypted using opportunistic TLS so that this communication channel is always secured.
In Falcon, we put great emphasis on the protection of your data and therefore rely on a holistic encryption solution that ensures your privacy and security is always guaranteed.

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Two-step confirmation: MFA in Falcon

For additional security of user accounts, Falcon offers the option of two-factor authentication (2FA). This can be done using a TOTP Authenticator app or by sending a HOTP via SMS or email. If unauthorized persons gain access to a password, 2FA offers additional protection. Once this feature is enabled, users are required to enter a verification code when logging in to confirm their identity. In the security settings of a hub, there is also the option to make 2FA mandatory for all users instead of voluntary.

Robust defense against attacks

Our Intrusion Detection (IDS) and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) specialize in monitoring Falcon's network and systems for malicious activity and screening suspicious content. Using heuristics-based network flow monitoring and integrated protection mechanisms against common and frequent DDoS attacks, we ensure the resilience of our IT systems against potential threats. To effectively protect against flooding or breadth-first attacks, Falcon determines how many times an action can be repeated within a certain time frame. This applies, for example, to attempts to log in to an account and is ensured through the use of API rate limiting and login throttling. This means that our systems are optimally prepared for possible attacks and offer reliable protection.

XSS Validation and Antivirus

Falcon applies a security policy in which all incoming data and information is initially considered potentially unsafe. These values are validated on the server side, where they are checked for cross-site scripting and filtered accordingly. In addition, all uploaded files are automatically scanned by Falcon's antivirus service for the presence of malware and other threats. This means you can always rely on this and download files from Falcon without worrying. In addition, a Web Application Firewall (WAF) provides additional protection against common Internet threats as well as bots that could jeopardize availability or security and overuse resources.

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