5 steps to a Digital Enterprise

Dr. Jonas Steeger

The digital transformation poses great challenges to companies and every beginning is difficult. Before you get any advice, you should read this small article. With five simple steps, you can try out digitalization for yourself, find out where you need advice, and ultimately align your business for the future.

Germany slips off the rails

Germany ranks 14th in the EU Digital Economy and Society Index, behind Malta and Lithuania.. Just two years ago, Germany was still in 9th place at least. One of the main reasons for the crash is the middle class, which often lags behind in the use of digital technologies such as AI and predictive analytics. But entering the digital age is not easy. Of course, one variant is a call to the relevant consultants. But before you get advice, take a quick look at a proven 5-phase model. You may then understand better where you really need advice and where you don't.

The 5-step procedure

The Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy presents the five steps in detail. You can find out more here. We summarise the most important things for you. See for yourself! .

Step 1: The stocktaking process

The dream of a completely digitalized company is often too big for the first step. It helps to see which processes exist in the company and where an easy start might be possible. In the same way, you can sketch your company's own value chain on paper. Once the sketch has been drawn, try to estimate which technical infrastructure already exists and can perhaps already be used. Often, processes can be digitized in the back office with few resources.

Step 2: Determine goals and identify need for action

Now it is above all a question of concretizing the requirements of change. Which processes are essential for your company and which digitalization goals do you pursue? Only if you can answer these two questions you can narrow down which parts of your company you should or even have to digitize in order to keep up with the pace of the market.

Infografik: Digitalisierung von Prozessen in Unternehmen | Statista

Step 3: Determine technical and personnel requirements

Every investment needs to be well considered. This is the third step. Because if you know which process you want to tackle, you must now determine which technical and personnel prerequisites you must create and what the fun will cost approximately.

Step 4: Create financing

Once the costs have been determined, it is important to ensure that you can finance the change in addition to your day-to-day business. The costs are not always so easy to estimate that you know exactly what to set aside. But there are many ways to help companies with digitization. KfW and Horizon 2020 make it possible. Simply search your favourite search engine for promotional loans!

Step 5: Plan and execute implementation

After the first four steps you now know what to do, who you need and what it will cost. Now you have to put your plan into action. Together with your team, plan who does what when and what costs and revenues are to be expected when. Sure, planning replaces ignorance with error. But this process can help you to eliminate the last ambiguities. By the way, Falcon can help you with this step! Just contact us at info@nordantech.com.

And what about the consultants?

Of course, you don't have to do everything on your own. But if you go through the five steps for yourself, you will find out if and where you really need advice and where not. For example, a professional PMO can be at your side in step 5, while a tech consultancy would rather be consulted in steps 1 and 2. In any case, we wish you every success!


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