Future-proof company? Also a question of attitude!

Moritz Mußmann

The digitalization of our society and thus of many companies is an enormous challenge. For an organization that has had little to do with the digital, the task seems all the more difficult. What needs to be done? Where should we start? Does that affect us at all?

Your everyday life is the best indicator of change

We notice in our daily lives that the digitalization of our society is gaining more and more momentum. Most likely in communication with friends, family and business partners. The next step is the use of artificial intelligence, in everyday life e.g. digital assistants like Siri, Alexa or Google Assistant.

But what seems quite simple in everyday life is often difficult to implement in corporate life. Concerns, legal hurdles and worn out structures are the brake pads of change. That's why change is often a question of attitude! If the corporate culture lives in the past and technology is already in the future, unfortunately no flowerpot has yet been won.

AI is one of the core drivers of change

The following forecast on the sales development of AI applications up to 2025 shows how far the spread of artificial intelligence in companies will progress in the coming years.

Infografik: Das Milliardengeschäft mit der künstlichen Intelligenz | Statista

So it's time to prepare for big changes. Digitalization will not be the last major transformation in our lives. Therefore, it is all the more important to be able to act and to be positive towards change.

7 Ways to a future-proof corporate culture

A transformation is not a sprint, but a marathon. To succeed, every employee must participate. This often requires a change in corporate culture. But where do you start?
Let's take a look at how a change of thinking in the company can lead to a future-proof organizational structure.

1. The stocktaking

Capture all decision paths, processes, internal and external communication channels in order to have a good starting position for your decisions and changes.

2. Educate employees

New personnel analysis tools make it easier than ever to identify talent, manage training and keep track of employee development. Employees become more competent and self-confident.

3. Allow errors

Give your employees the freedom to implement and test their own ideas. This increases motivation and valuable ideas are no longer lost. However, a lot of attention is required so that missteps can be corrected quickly. With Falcon, employees can, for example, quickly make suggestions, add to ongoing projects and track time and effects.

4. Rethink hierarchies

Leadership should not only be prescribed from above. As soon as employees can learn from their mistakes and problems are addressed and solved at an early stage, leadership no longer needs to be defined through control. Leadership can come from anyone. The leader should rather steer through his influence and ensure that each team member can optimally use his strengths.

5. Japanese corporate culture

KAIZEN! Internalize this Japanese philosophy of life and work! The path to perfection is continuous and always ongoing. Keep asking yourself the question "How can Process X be made leaner, faster, more precise, etc.? Develop a catalogue of different strategies in order to be able to react as quickly as possible to the most diverse situations. Project strategies, for example, can be saved with Falcon and called up immediately if required. Thus, knowledge from past projects is not lost.

6. Rethinking structures

Allocate decision-making power across the enterprise for high-, medium-, low-level decisions. Shorten your decision-making processes and free yourself from unnecessary hierarchies. If decisions are made faster, more decisions can be made, less delay occurs, and your organization becomes more resilient to failure.

7. Adapt processes

In your company, many similar processes run completely differently in different areas. Investigate where the process runs most effectively and mirror it to the other areas. In this way, you can work more efficiently, have a better overview of the processes and can implement optimizations more quickly throughout the entire company.

Hopefully we were able to give you some suggestions with this article. Of course, this is only a food for thought. Perhaps some aspects are already part of your corporate culture. In any case, we wish you much success for future challenges and would be happy to support you! Falcon can help you transform your business. Are you interested? Please contact us via info@nordantech.com.


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