Transformations move into focus

Dr. Jonas Steeger

We have eventful weeks behind us. We were not only represented at numerous events (such as the TMA Europe Annual Conference), we also had interesting conversations at our own event - the Nordantech Future Factory. One thing became clear at all events: company transformations are a permanent task and the experts expect increasing intensity.

Many industries are facing massive change

When we take part in events as speakers, we actually always ask whether the participants are planning transformations and if so, to what extent. Recently, the results have been pointing in one direction. Corporate transformations are moving back into focus. You can see an exemplary result below. It is from last week when we talked about Falcon and AI at the Entsorgerverband.

Digitalization is just one of many drivers

Of course, the large waste disposal companies have also focused on digitalization as one of the drivers of transformation pressure. But it quickly became clear that, in addition to the digitalization of business processes, the increasing globalization of business and political as well as legal changes in countries are contributing massively to the transformation pressure. But these drivers do not only apply to the recycling industry. Virtually every industry is affected.

Some signs that your industry is on the verge of change or is already in the midst of one

  1. You produce a lot of data that remains unused
  2. The processes run essentially analogously and with pen and paper, but could be automated
  3. Business practices become the focus of legislation (e.g. due to environmental influences)
  4. Many industry participants are experiencing increasing problems, while a few are beginning to consolidate the market
  5. New non-industrial companies suddenly appear as market participants
  6. A digital sales platform would be conceivable, but it does not yet exist

Transformation experts expect a radical change in their own industry as well

Our results also surprise those who deal with corporate transformations on a daily basis. At the Nordantech Future Factory we have been able to bring many of these key market players together. In addition to interesting presentations, the discussion that followed was particularly exciting. After all, consultants, lawyers, interim managers and insolvency administrators see themselves as under pressure to change.

Co-Founder Christian Kuhs introduces Falcon at Nordantech Future Factory

Co-Founder Dr. Jonas Steeger answers questions at the TMA Europe Annual Conference in Amsterdam

The participants of the TMA Europe Annual Conference share this assessment. We were also able to be represented in Amsterdam with Jonas Steeger as a keynote speaker. During the panel discussion on "The Future of Turnaround Management", we were repeatedly asked how we see the future of the industry. Of course, we don't have a crystal ball either. But we claim that many of the drivers that apply to the waste management industry, for example, are also relevant to consultants and co. The most important driver for us is that consultants in particular are well advised to digitize their know-how to a certain extent and thus make it more scalable.

Single Point of Truth is the basis for further steps

Our customers and partners feel the pressure to transform and see an opportunity in Falcon. This is exactly what Falcon is all about. We don't just want to provide our customers with the best possible tool to lead their transformation to success in addition to day-to-day business and often across many departments and locations. We also want to give consultants and interim managers the chance to accompany all their clients as good as possible at the same time.

With Falcon this is already possible today. The credo is quite simple: Single Point of Truth. Our clients often support numerous clients simultaneously with Falcon and have all relevant project data in one place. Standard templates for projects are available at the push of a button, as are standardized Excel reports.

Thanks for participation and feedback!

We are happy about so much good feedback and interesting discussions! Not only because of that we would like to thank all participants and especially speakers of the Nordantech Future Factory and the TMA. Of course, we know that many of you can't get the new features fast enough. We hurry, I promise! Are you interested? Just try Falcon out for yourself. Just send us an email:


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