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… more than 2/3 of all business transformations fail and often end in bankruptcy? It is more than time to bring that gruesome project fail rate down! And we’d love to have you on our team helping! Interested? Check out our vacancies below!

Vacancies (m/f/x)

Backend Engineer

  • Fulltime
  • now
  • Hamburg

Frontend Engineer

  • Full & Part Time
  • now
  • Hamburg

Machine Learning Engineer

  • Full/Part Time
  • now
  • Hamburg

Office Manager

  • Full & Part Time
  • now
  • Hamburg

Customer Success Guru

  • Full & Part Time
  • now
  • Hamburg

Sales Growth Hacker

  • Full & Part Time
  • now
  • Hamburg

BizDev Praktikant & Werkstudent

  • Teilzeit
  • now
  • Hamburg


  • flexible working hours

  • central location

  • team mingles

  • free coffee and sodas

  • fruits and vegetables

  • modern tech stack

  • free access to code talks

More about us

We've been on the road since 2016. Thanks also to the help of top VC investors, we are now among the Digital Champions. More importantly, in recent years we have supported numerous partners in their transformation process. But that's not the end of the story. We want to help as many companies as possible. That is part of our vision. Would you like to know what we strive for and how we do it? Check out the section below!

Our Vision

Falcon is the intelligent PM solution that proactively aids business transformation projects! It is the go-to solution. Falcon significantly lowers the risk of project failure and hence makes our customers happy.

How we role

  • Focused

    We aim at bringing about change fast. But never on the expense of accurracy. We rather do one thing well than many things badly.

  • hammer


    The best idea wins. Period. We always look to find the best solution to the actual problem and not to mere symptoms.

  • rakete


    By motivation, curiosity, and data. We love to analyze and find proof and double check with our gut feeling before making hasty decisions.

  • mass


    We hate solutions that work for one client only... or even worse: just once... scalability is key!

  • bambus


    That holds true both for new ways to solve a problem and working hours.

  • high-five


    Ideas are great, solutions are better. That’s why we like to challenge ourselves to always have an usable output at the end of each day.

  • smiley


    There is enough hardship. We stay positive and make a change.

  • bulb


    We seek knowledge and new ways all the time. If we find something worthwhile, we share it.

  • dino


    It doesn’t help to have the best solution if creating it is no fun. We are a team and act as one.

No openings in your field?

Working with us sounds amazing, but we have no job opening in your field of
expertise? Send us an email to jobs@nordantech.com and we‘ll get in touch.


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