Who can tell their exact project requirements in advance? With Falcon you can start small and grow as needed without any trouble. With increasing project size the price for each additional user will decrease.

Minimum term

Falcon Basic

Jump-start your project portfolio management
999.00 € per month (incl. 10 user)
Additional users for 15.99 € per month
  • Get your PMO up and running:
  • Unlimited projects
  • Effects & KPIs
  • Aggregation
  • Status reports
  • Stage gates & workflow
  • Effect & Schedule Import
  • Permissions for users & groups

Falcon Plus

All the functions you need to take your PMO to the next level
1,399 € per month (incl. 10 user)
Additional users for 18.99 € per month
  • Everything in Falcon Basic, and:
  • Document upload
  • Lock effects
  • Effect provenance
  • Custom reporting CI
  • Subscriptions for exports & reports

Falcon Enterprise

Enhanced services for large companies
2,099 € per month (incl. 10 user)
Additional users for 21.99 € per month
  • Everything in Falcon Plus, and:
  • Accounting
  • Network filter
  • Identity change
  • Audit log
  • Advanced security settings
  • Data protection, IT security and procurement process
  • SLA
  • Passive Users

Lift your PMO to the next level - start today!

All features compared

Falcon Basic

Jump-start your project portfolio management

Falcon Plus

Reach the next level with your PMO

Falcon Enterprise

Enhanced services for large companies

Basic features

Unlimited projects
Create any number of programmes, projects, packages, measures and activities
Effects & KPIs
Plan and track individual budgets, financials and effects and utilize Falcon's comprehensive budgeting options
Schedule & milestones
Keep track of your project thanks to Falcon's schedules
Falcon aggregates all data in real time - creating a big picture and drilldown possibilities all around
Status reports
Regularly record progress, risks and decision-making requirements
Qualitative status traffic light new
Let users independently assign status traffic lights and compare them with the automatic time and effect traffic lights
Risk module new
Record risks, probability of occurrence and amount of damage centrally and analyze at will
Stage gates & workflow
Track your stage gates and DOIs and map your process from idea to goal achievement
Permissions for users & groups
Define individual read, write and admin permissions for users and user groups
Top down- & bottom up-planning
Set goals top down and plan bottom up schedules, KPIs and more with your team
Lock & pause
Lock and unlock user input and stop aggregation (pause) for individual project areas
Structure your project portfolio in any number of dimensions with tags
Filter and aggregate schedules and effects across the entire portfolio by tags, stage gates, responsibilities and more
Create various standardized and filterable PPT reports with the push of a button
Import & export
Import and export project structures, schedules, effects and more in seconds and in different file-formats

Premium features

Recover deleted objects in seconds
3 days
7 days
30 days
File upload
Upload your documents and store them in the right place
Effect freeze
Lock and freeze effects and KPIs and prohibit further changes
Effect provenance
Drill down at the touch of a button and find out what impact your project elements have
Custom reporting CI
Customise the color scheme and logo of your reportings
Subscriptions for exports & reports
Automatically recieve scheduled exports and reports
Accounting new
Link Falcon's effects with your accounts, legal entities, profit and cost centers and integrate ERP systems individually via Falcon's REST API


REST API & documentation
Use Falcon's REST API and documentation to create integrations and automations with your own systems
Power BI®
Link Falcon with Microsoft PowerBI and create interactive analyses and reports
Excel® Power Query
Use the Power BI interface for Power Query in Excel
Automatically transfer project data from Falcon to the resource management solution Meisterplan

Support & commericals

Passive Users
Utilize a bundled set of passive users, without Falcon access, but not billed either
Onboarding & trainings
Customised onboarding incl. setup support, online trainings, best practice checks and more
10 hours
20 hours
30 hours
Data- & IT-security process
Personally clarify your individual data protection and security needs with us
Contract terms
Personally clarify your individual contractual needs and conclude appropriate contracts
Live support
Your direct line to Falcon's Customer Success Team - via support chat, email and help center
PMO Academy
Tickets for our two-day certificate course in Hamburg (in German)
We conclude a service level agreement with you

Enhanced security features

Simultaneous sessions
Simultaneous sessions
Determine how many Falcon sessions may be maintained by one user at the same time
0 - 100
Maximum password age
Determine for which duration users may use the same password
0 - 365 days
Network filter
Determine the IP circle from which users may access Falcon
Identity change
See and edit in Falcon from the perspective of your users
Audit log
Conveniently export all interactions in Falcon in an audit log via CSV file

Coming soon...

Gap analysis
Set strategic goals and compare them with plan and actual values
Enable central user authentication via single sign-on

And this is always included... matter how big your portfolio is.

  • Powerful features for your project portfolio
  • One hub for the whole company
  • Unlimited projects to create and manage
  • Unlimited measures, activities and effects
  • Unlimited activities and effects to keep an eye on every project progress
  • Individual premium setup package for your project and team
  • First-class live-support

Any further questions?

Get in touch with us! Our experts will be happy to talk to you about your project and the benefits that the implementation of PPM software will bring you. Free of charge and without obligation, of course.

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