Managing transformation projects without chaos

Falcon provides you with targeted features to keep you informed, monitor progress and achieve your goals.

Tree structure

Structure your projects in no time

Leave spreadsheets behind you once and for all. Experience visual and interactive transformation management. Use drag & drop to divide your strategy projects into manageable packages and define responsibilities. Falcon's intuitive tree structure and proven templates make this complex task a breeze.


Plan and track your milestones

Decide which milestones you want to reach and set detailed schedules together with your team. Falcon's automatic aggregation allows you to keep track of the smaller things as well as the "big picture".


Keep an eye on your numbers

Set up your individual KPI structure with a few clicks. Is it about savings, new customers, scrap rates or inventory levels? Falcon adapts flexibly and shows quantitative effects of your transformation where they arise and relates them to your milestones.

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Report at any time

Create your reporting for board members, financiers or steering committees in no time at all. Falcon's PowerPoint report is just one click away. The proven report has everything you and your stakeholders need to make the right decisions. Additionally, combine Falcon's detailed exports with a BI tool of your choice or use customisable reporting templates to generate reports with just a few clicks.


You don't have to reinvent the wheel

Especially useful for consultants, PMOs and holding companies: Store proven projects and measures in Falcon and retrieve them in a few clicks when needed again. Begin your projects with a head start.

User permissions

Share information with the right people

Design Falcon to fit your corporate structure and define who gets to see and take part in your intiatives.


Ask the right questions

Leave behind elaborate graphic tinkering and table acrobatics. Intuitive stats and interactive dashboards answer your questions directly in Falcon and bring hidden project knowledge to light.


Project tree

Structure your project flexibly in a clear tree structure


Set all tasks and milestones for your projects


Assign clear responsibilities within your team


Plan and track the financials and KPIs of your project

Traffic light system

Evaluate automatically at all project levels in the intuitive traffic light system


Aggregate all results automatically from detail to the big picture


Structure your projects flexibly thanks to tags


Map your process from idea to goal achievement


Record progress, risks and decision needs together

Red flags

Highlight sensitive status reports


Create PPT reports in your CI at the push of a button

Rights management

Control user and group rights at the touch of a button

Project templates

Use templates to start your projects even faster

Search function

Find everything in a few clicks

OKR calculation

Use flexible calculation logics, e.g. for OKRs


Focus on the most important content in seconds

Document upload

Put your project files in place

Batch processing

Complete administrative tasks in batches to save time


Restore deleted content in seconds

Import und Export

Importieren und exportieren Sie Ihre Daten per Excel- und CSV-Schnittstelle

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