Your lightweight project portfolio management solution

With Falcon, you can centrally plan, control, and report on the entire project portfolio. No Excel, no hassle.

Tree structure

Optimize your project portfolio

Your strategic roadmap for success. Align, prioritize, and optimize projects to drive business goals efficiently. Maximize impact, minimize effort – that's the power of lightweight PPM with Falcon.


Keep your strategic roadmap in check

Make sure the timeline of projects and programs fits into the overall business strategy, providing a clear path for achieving the desired outcomes. Optimize decision power, allocate resources strategically, and unlock your path to success.


Plan & track budgets and effects in real-time

Elevate your projects to investment-worthy status, ensuring every project is deployed for maximum impact on your organizational goals. Embrace continuous improvement driven by real-time performance insights – because your success deserves nothing less.

Lightweight PPM on the next level – give it a try!


Battle proven reportings & seamless integration to your BI Suite

Craft executive reports effortlessly for boards, investors, or steering committees. With just a click, Falcon's PowerPoint reports are at your fingertips. These proven reports have everything you and your stakeholders need to make informed decisions. Enhance it further by combining Falcon's detailed exports with your preferred BI tool, such as Power BI, or utilize customizable reporting templates to generate reports with just a few clicks.


Make use of proven templates

Especially convenient for consultants, and PMOs: Make use of proven projects and action plans available in Falcon and access them with just a few clicks when needed. Feel free to create your own, too! Give your projects a head start with Falcon – because success should be just a click away.

User permissions

Collaborate and keep permissions in check easily

Unleash the power of real-time collaboration across your entire portfolio by bringing together project managers, sponsors, and teams. Seamlessly define user roles, take control of collaboration, and streamline workflows effortlessly. Elevate your PPM experience with harmony and efficiency at every click.


Manage project portfolio risk & health effortlessly

Ensure the health of your project portfolio. Intuitive status indicators guide you from the big picture down to the details, allowing you to identify risks and issues as early as possible. Make real project portfolio management as effortless as it can be.


Project portfolio

Structure your project portfolio flexibly in an easy tree structure


Set all the tasks and milestones for your projects


Assign clear responsibilities within your team

Effects & Benefits

Plan and track the financials and KPIs of your projects

Traffic light system

Evaluate automatically at all project levels in the intuitive traffic light system


Aggregate all results automatically, from detail to the big picture


Structure your project portfolio flexibly - perfect for matrix organisations


Map your process from idea to goal achievement

Status & Risk

Record progress, risks and decision needs together

Red flags

Escalate big risks with a click of a button


Create PPT reports in your CI at the push of a button

Rights management

Control user and group rights at the touch of a button

Project templates

Use templates to start your projects even faster

Search function

Find everything in a few clicks

OKR calculation

Use flexible calculation logics, e.g. for OKRs


Focus on the most important content in seconds

Document upload

Put your project files in place

Batch processing

Complete administrative tasks in batches to save time


Restore deleted content in seconds

Import and Export

Import and export your data via Excel and CSV interface

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