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Are you already using Falcon and got some questions? Our Customer Success Team is only one click away and is available directly and personally in Falcon!

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A good start is essential. Our Customer Success Team will help you with everything involved in setting up your project portfolio in Falcon.

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Falcon is intuitive and deliberately kept simple. If required, we are nevertheless happy to offer a suitable training course.

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To ensure that everything runs smoothly at all times, we offer all users individual support - directly in Falcon!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long will it take me to get Falcon up and running?

    Falcon is ready to go very quickly. The exact schedule depends more on you and your company's plan. For example, if you want to use the implementation phase to restructure or further detail your project, perhaps you prefer an implementation over 2-4 weeks instead of a few days. We will follow your lead and assist you for an optimal implementation.

  • What do I need to get started?

    A laptop or computer and an internet connection are all you need. Falcon is web-based and can be used with any standard browser. You don't need to bother with servers, technical setup or installations and can get started with your team immediately.

  • Is there a minimum amount of users above which using Falcon makes sense?

    It is difficult to make a general statement about this, as this depends entirely on the individual project and its objective. But: Using Falcon alone is fun but not necessarily useful. Most transformations in Falcon are therefore initiated with only a handful of people at the beginning and then quickly expanded. On average, Falcon begins to unfold its full potential with about 5-10 users - there is no upper limit. We would be happy to help you decide whether Falcon is the right tool for your project. Just schedule a call with us here.

  • Is Falcon difficult?

    Falcon is intuitive and can be used directly by software and project novices without problems. We support you in using and understanding Falcon with our integrated support chat, help centre and email support. In addition, we offer an extensive training offer - from free online self-training to super-user training in person at your site.

  • What do I do if I have questions about Falcon?

    Excellent support is important to us. Falcon provides several ways to get answers to your questions quickly. Use our Help Centre or the live chat directly in Falcon and talk to our Customer Success team about your issue within only a few minutes.

And lots of resources!

In our resources section you will find a variety of useful documents about Falcon and project portfolio management - all of them high quality and free of charge. Here you will find a small selection.


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