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Our vision is to make the planning and implementation of transformation projects in companies as easy as possible for everyone involved. With our agile and motivated team, we bring our vision closer one further step every day.

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This is us

We are an agile and motivated team, we burn for the continuous development and progress of Falcon. By joining forces, we get one step closer to our goal every day - making transformation management as easy as possible.

Dr. Jonas Steeger Dr. Jonas Steeger

Dr. Jonas Steeger

Co-Founder, Data Science
Arne Brenneisen Arne Brenneisen

Arne Brenneisen

Co-Founder, Development
Christian Kuhs Christian Kuhs

Christian Kuhs

Co-Founder, Business Development
Ludwig Sandig Ludwig Sandig

Ludwig Sandig

Business Development
Sophie Peters Sophie Peters

Sophie Peters

Customer Success
Claudia Westenhoff Claudia Westenhoff

Claudia Westenhoff

Moritz Mussmann Moritz Mussmann

Moritz Mussmann

Business Development
Raphaela Theisen Raphaela Theisen

Raphaela Theisen

Office Management
Christoph Bastian Christoph Bastian

Christoph Bastian

Michael Trippel Michael Trippel

Michael Trippel

Mina Buchholz Mina Buchholz

Mina Buchholz

Customer Success
Philipp Spahn Philipp Spahn

Philipp Spahn

Customer Success
Keanu Hippler Keanu Hippler

Keanu Hippler

Business Development
Johanna Odenhausen Johanna Odenhausen

Johanna Odenhausen

Our values

What drives us

Our values are the foundation of our vibrant corporate culture. They determine our actions and our joint cooperation.


Of course, we also prefer to do everything as quick as possible. But never at the expense of accuracy. We prefer to do one thing well instead of a lot quickly but poorly.



The best idea wins. Period. We always strive to find the best solution to the actual problem, not just the symptoms.



Both through motivation and data. We love to analyze and check findings before making rash decisions.



We hate solutions that only work for one customer. Scalability is key.



This applies both to new approaches to solutions and to working hours.



Ideas are great, solutions are better. We always try to have a usable output at the end of each day.



There are enough reasons to bury our heads in the sand. But we remain positive and go full speed ahead.



We are constantly searching for knowledge and new ways. When we find something useful, we share it.


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