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Falcon adapts to your individual challenges and supports you in your most demanding strategy and transformation projects. It doesn't matter whether you are involved in your project on the side of the project management, the executive board, a PMO or even as a consultant and investor. You will find some representative use cases on this page.


More can be done? Efficiency improvements, liquidity and optimization programs are not always popular, but still necessary. Efficient success and progress control are key to your project success. With Falcon, you can get started without administrative friction, focus on the essentials and keep your team motivated. This way, you can face the future with confidence.


There are opportunities in new markets or with new products and services? Location expansions, marketing and sales initiatives and project launches will raise the pulse rate of all project participants. With Falcon you stay in control. Broken down into sections, you can see all projects at a single glance and determine the project status in seconds - from details to the big picture.

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You've made big plans and are restructuring your company? Whether new business models, digitalization initiatives or organizational changes: With Falcon, you can ensure that you don't lose sight of the individual elements of your strategy and that everyone knows what needs to be done at all times - from conception to implementation.

Integration & Carve-Out

Merge what belongs together or go separate ways in the future? The post-merger integration of a purchased company or the carve-out of an existing business unit is rarely an everyday task. For your interfaces, systems and processes to work, many wheels must mesh. With Falcon, you can see at any time how your project is developing and where it is stuck - broken down into sub-areas with clear schedules and responsibilities.

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