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What's this about?

The Eckerle Group was founded in 1968 and offers over 3,500 employees an extremely varied workplace at one of six locations worldwide. The group is not only active in various automotive-related industries, but also produces a broad portfolio of technical components. Automotive customers in particular rely on Eckerle and the more than 160 million brush systems and EC modules that leave the group's production facilities every year. Other core competencies include the production of complex plastic and overmolded stamped parts, the integration of electronic components, laser and resistance spot welding, and CNC machining. But no matter which product is currently being developed and designed, for Eckerle the company credo is always in the foreground: Eckerle Group - Always a solution!

Innovation is part of Eckerle's history. Hundreds of technical innovations have been driven by the group since its foundation.

With the same approach and a great deal of enthusiasm, Eckerle is also facing the challenges of the industry and consistently tackling global competition, ever shorter innovation cycles and the transformation of the automotive market.

Success Story

In the course of the transformation process, more than 300 measures and over 1,700 milestones were initiated. Today, all program content is consistently driven by a specially created Eckerle PMO making use of an individual degree of implementation scheme. Thereby every measure - from the idea to the completion - finds its place. Due to the cleverly chosen tree structure, the team of almost 50 project participants always manages to keep an eye on every detail - but also on the big picture - for every location but also for every complex of topics. Falcon takes over the aggregation all by itself and evaluates in real time how the individual initiatives stand.

Falcon helps us keep track of all relevant initiatives across all our locations worldwide and report to all relevant stakeholders with just a few clicks.

Eckerle takes the measurement of success very seriously. Without exception, every measure is accompanied by a dedicated and measurable plan that ultimately results in increased efficiency. Thus, with Falcon alone, the group is pursuing an enormous potential for improvement. Goal achievement is closely scrutinized in a regular reporting and steering committee cycle. Falcon's automated PowerPoint report and exports optimized for BI systems simplify preparation for this.


36 Months


12 Projects
50 Users
300 Measures
1700 Activities


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  • Portfolio optimization
  • Increased efficiency and productivity
  • Optimization of footprint and global technology cooperation
  • Standardized approach for new iniatives and automated reporting for all steering groups

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